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A monitor of media ownership in Europe

Enhancing transparency in ownership and control of European news

What is this monitor?

The European Democracy Action Plan, presented by the European Commission in December 2020, intends to empower citizens and make EU democracies more resilient. As part of this plan, it expects to enhance transparency in ownership and control of news media. The Euromedia Ownership Monitor (EurOMo) is a pilot project to fulfil this objective. In 2022, it published:

  • a searchable database with information on ownership and control of the most relevant news media in 15 EU countries;
  • country reports that assess the level of transparency of this information;
  • a risk index to comparatively assess conditions for future transparency across countries and indicators;
  • a media literacy toolkit in eight EU languages for teaching media ownership and control in schools to students aged 16-18

Risk report 2022

EurOMo Risk Index

2022 | Countries on focus

Countries on focus

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Our methodology

We collect and organise data available in public sources of each country. In each participant country, we consider information about direct and ultimate ownership of news media, cross-market operation, editorial responsibility, funding and revenues, role of algorithmic filtering, legal framework, role of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), among others.

Who we are

The EurOMo is operationalised by national teams in each participant country, which are researchers in Higher Education Institutions or independent research institutes. The University of Salzburg coordinates the consortium. The European Commission co-funds the project.

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