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Cross-Country Media Companies

Based on a pilot database of opinion-shaping news media owners in all EU countries. Data from AT, BE, CZ, DE, DK, ES, FI, GR, HU, IT, LT, NL, PT, SE and SI reflect the situation on 31st May 2022. Data from BG, CY, EE, FR, HR, IE, LU, LV, MT, PL, RO and SK reflect the situation on 30th April 2023.

In the European Union, many media organisations operate outlets across countries. The following visualisations display the cross-country activities of some of the most relevant media groups.
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Based in Germany, Bertelsmann is the largest European media house, operating the RTL TV channels in several countries, in addition to minority participation in other media.

MFE controls Mediaset, the biggest Italian media company. The group has a strong participation in Italy and Spain, but also owns TVs in other countries and even beyond Europe.

DPG Media Group is a Flemish media organisation that has expanded its operations towards other Benelux countries and Denmark.

The Czech PPF Group is a large investment fund with solid position across Eastern Europe. In the media business, it controls outlets in Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Bulgaria.

Axel Springer SE is a German publisher responsible for the magazine Bild (Germany) and other important media in Poland and Slovakia.

Bonnier AB is a Swedish media group operating in the Nordic and Baltic countries.

BlackRock is a US-American investment fund that has minority participation in outlets such as Le Monde (France), El PaĆ­s (Spain), MTV (Finland) and TVN (Poland).